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Become An Affiliate

Earn a 20% recurring commission every month for each referral you make!

How it works?
  1. Register for a ClickBank account
    Go to ClickBank ( and create an account.
  2. Get approved as a JuliaBFit affiliate
    Fill out the form below to be approved as a JuliaBFit affiliate:[contact-form-7 id="27164" title="Affiliates"]
  3. Wait for the email with your special URLAs soon as you're approved, you will receive an email containing your special URL or HopLink, as ClickBank would call it. Special URL's/HopLinks are unique to every JuliaBFit affiliate. This is so we can track who referred whom to be a member of our online gym.
  4. Share special URL/HopLinkShare your special URL/HopLink through your blog/website, social media accounts or a combination of both.
  5. Earn moneyWhenever somebody joins the gym through your link, you earn a 20% commission AND you continue earning the same amount every month for as long as the person you referred keeps his/her membership.
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